Today I was reflecting on a conversation I had with a friend yesterday. In it we were talking about things that still needed to be done that day, like the laundry, cleaning and cooking . I told her how my husband often cooks dinner for our family, and she responded a bit vehemently that her husband never cooks. It made me think about stereo types and gender roles,as well as cultural differences and traditions .Which ultimately led me to think about Jesus. 

I wondered if Jesus ever cooked and the image of Him making breakfast on the beach, grilling fish and bread for the disciples over an open flame. It was right after he had risen from the dead.  So yes, Jesus being fully Man, and fully God did cook!.

I also wondered if Jesus ever cleaned house, and again the image of Him over turning the tables of the money changers,and the seats of those who sold doves,in the temple and driving them all out played out in my minds eye. Yup, Jesus cleaned house… In fact every time someone was healed and delivered from an evil spirit ,their house was cleaned!, Jesus was the original Molly Maid. Some days, it must have seemed like all he did was clean house!

As I followed this thought through, I realized He also did the wash, as seen in the last supper. Scripture says, He laid aside His garments took a towel and girded Himself,poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet, and to wipe them with His towel. And I am sure He did it with love in His heart, and a smile on His face. 

Never was a complaint found on His lips, for the amount of work He had to do. Jesus cooked , He cleaned He washed. Did I mention, He never complained?. In fact scripture says, ‘Who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame,and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God’. 

On the day that Jesus was crucified, He did not regret or despise what He had to endure their was no shame in it. He did not complain… He saw past His present affliction, to the joy of us all reconciled with the Father.

On that day, the wrath of God, the fire of God, fell on the body of Jesus Christ and He literally “cooked”. But He, Himself was not consumed, sin was . On that day on Calvary’s Hill, The Blood of Jesus poured out, and cleansed us of all our sin,and made us white as snow. 

On that day, Jesus saw you, and He saw me, He saw all of humanity, even those who rejected Him,and He cried out ‘Father forgive them,for they do not know what they do”. That day, the greatest servant on earth, served up His life, by offering His body as our sacrifice, His precious blood more than paid the price, for you and me, to go free. He was condemned, and in exchange we were acquitted. 

In pondering all this, I realize Jesus did it all.He did all the work ,”It is finished!”. I also realize He broke through cultural barriers, and religious barriers, By elevating and honoring women. He never conformed to the traditions of men, or their ideology. Instead He showed us a more excellent way.

I include myself when I say, every man, woman and child would benefit to follow Jesus’ example in that, whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. By doing so we imitate Christ. And Like Christ, we do it,with no complaint on our lips, with love in our hearts, and no matter what is set before us,to count it all joy, and in service to the King. We can all practice this, with a smile on our face and see Him Smiling back. Reminding us, He is our joy and our strength. Discovering as we go,to know , we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.


About one4drosas

I recently decided to learn something new that I know absolutely nothing about, hence the world of blogging. I have a lot of thoughts and comments formulating in my head,and have now found a place to store them. I am a Christian, a child of the Most high God, a wife to one, a Mother of two, and a Sister to many.
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